Refreshing summer salads – save them in a simple way

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February 22, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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The markets are full of juicy, mature fruits ideal for making light meals that are a good source of vitamins, and are best served when served from a refrigerator.

Salads are the most beautiful and the finest in the summer. There is plenty of potential fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance, and only spices, edible flowers and wild self-made plants … Totally shining colors! And the total richness of taste.

The focus is always those crunchy and cold, refreshing and needing nothing but a few drops of homemade celery or apple vinegar and of course olive oil, so they have a bit of shrubs with octas of raspberry or manga, baskets, nars, figs … Yogurt, cream and salad dressing, salsa, mustard, cappuccino and olives that will “make” the most common potato salad!

Summer salads are not just a contribution, they are the summer dinners, the right of a particular meal to eat from breakfast to dinner. Additionally, the fastest possible meal is prepared, which should welcome every housewife and cook employee. We salads for our editorial made of all available foods.

The recipes are so simple that even the one who gets in the kitchen for the first time can prepare, not at all demanding and at all bargaining. As always, the most important are foods and there is little effort to do. Do not buy frozen vegetables or cans of canned food whenever you get out of abundance. And it will be so in all gardens and in all markets until the end of summer and even longer. Stick with nature, collect, grate, release all the brakes, combine the impossible, explore and enjoy your super-healthy meals.

A colorful salad with summer fruit
In the bowl, mix the washed green salad, chicken, grapes, currant, Indian nuts and bushes, then season with vinegar and olive oil dressing. You can play with the odct of the nara who should go here well. Serve with a piece of grated cheese or some baking.

Chicken the roasted chicken or roasted chicken pieces, sprinkle and bake on a mixture of olive oil and butter and leave to the side. During this time, grate the grill on the grill pan that you have previously sliced ​​into the rings or rings. Chicken then cut into pieces, mix with roasted flutes, thinly sliced ​​nectarine nuts, sprinkled with mint and parsley leaf. Season with olive oil and, if desired, with some fruit vinegar, such as a cream of balsamic vinegar or raspberry vinegar, and at the end with pistachios.

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