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July 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Salads as an appetizer or a supplement to the meals are an indispensable part of every holiday table, and if traditional and common salads are a little tedious, try something new – the traditional Finnish salad Rosolli

4 boiled potatoes
4 boiled carrots
4 pieces of boiled or acidic cycles
1 apple
1 pickled cucumber
1 small bow
salt, white pepper
1 dl cream
1 tablespoon of vinegar (10%)
1 tablespoon of sugar
(the water that cooks the cycle)


Prepare the vegetables together with the shell (except the port) until it softens.

Sprinkle the vegetables and the onion and trim it, along with the acidic cucumber, to the same cubes.

Mix together and season with a little salt and white pepper. Lightly squeeze the cream, add sugar and vinegar to it, and a few drops of color circling juice.

Serve the dressing separately. (Decorate the salad with hard boiled eggs, egg yolks and egg whites separately and place on the salad by creating streaks.)

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